Inconel 825 Fasteners

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We are deliver products that are guaranteed to offer maximum utility in different environmental and industrial conditions. We supply, manufacture and trade an extensive range of Inconel 825 Fasteners. We produce amazing goods that are consistently worked upon to meet market trends and demands. Inconel 825 are Nickel-Chromium Alloys that are resistive to high temperatures and corrosion. Alloy 825 Fasteners is used for applications at cryogenic temperatures and offers impenetrability to aqueous corrosion. Inconel 825 gives high strength and resistance at elevated temperature conditions. We offer UNS N06825 in different sorts, for instance, Inconel 825 Nuts, Inconel 825 Studs, Inconel 825 Bolts, Inconel 825 Washers, and Inconel 825 Screws We create these WNR 2.4858 goods to meet international standards of quality, as well as durability. We guarantee thorough quality checks on all our products. We devise products using high end equipment ensuring the reliability of our products.

ASTM B425 Incoloy Alloy 825 Fasteners Specification
Specifications ASTM B425 / ASME SB425
Size M02 to M33
Length 3 mm to 200 mm
Gasket Style Style CG, Style CGI, Style R, Style RIR
Dimensions DIN 931, 933, 934, 7991, 976, ASME B18.2.1, B18.3 ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47 SERIES A & B
Property Class: For Bolts & Screws: A2-70, A2-80, A4-70, A4-80, F593C, F593D, F593G, F593H For Nuts: A2-70, A2-80, A4-70, A4-80, F594C, F594D, F594G, F594H, A2-035, A4-040For SHCS: F837B, F837C, F837E, F837 For Threaded Rods: A2-70, A2-80, A4-70, A4-80, F593C, F593D, F593G, F593H, B8, B8M CL1 & CL2

Other Types of Incoloy Alloy 825 Fasteners

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